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There is a guy I met online who's going through a breakup with his girlfriend. I guess his girlfriend started to win him over. Sometimes it only feels like I'm keeping the friendship going.

I wonder is he worth it and then he helps me to decide by having an interesting conversation with me or opening up to me. He flirts a little here and there. I just don't want to come across as too desperate. But then again, this isn't about getting with him, its about just hanging out as friends.

How to ask out guy with a confidence issues?

You might find a more favorable response to your request for an outing - meeting if you asked him to go out as part of a group.

I realize that this might not be the ideal way of spending time with a man but this guy has got some confidence issues at present that might prevent him from saying yes to just the two of you.

Approaching shy men - how to make them easy to say yes?

Being that his behavior reflects someone who is quite shy there is little wonder that his preferred method of communication is either via e-mail or phone.

In both of these environments you actually get to see him at his confident best because he feels very safe in them.

How to make a man relax around you?

Bottom line: You probably find that he can be a bit cheeky, funny and smart all rolled into one. He might be himself when he is with his closest friends but you will have to earn this right in order for him to open up to you in person.

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How to ask out guy who has a confidence issues?

Approaching shy men - how to make them easy to say yes?

How to make a man relax around you?